Geismar Advocates

Geismar Rechtsanwälte

We provide legal consultation to both German and foreign clients, with a special focus on foreign direct investment into Germany.

Our services comprise

  • Drafting and helping to negotiate complex contractual arrangements
  • Liability risk analysis and risk containment, legal due diligence
  • Negotiating with government agencies
  • Litigation
  • Arbitration and alternative dispute resolution

Our goal

Just like our clients, we are entrepreneurs. Our goal is to structure deals and business behavior in a way that is both efficient and risk-aware, without sacrificing creativity. Should nevertheless dispute resolution and litigation become necessary, we are ready to help, always focusing on the need to find reasonable and cost-efficient solutions for our clients.

Having lived and worked in various countries and Jurisdictions, such as the US, Russia, Australia, Japan and Europe we perceive globalization as a wonderful challenge and chance to bring together people and cultures from all parts of the world.

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